Captains of the Planet

We are committed to being environmentally-responsible by eliminating empty legs and consolidating passengers into fewer private flights.

We pledge to be the most sustainable company in the industry

Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions by consolidating private flights and empty legs will result in us becoming the industry’s best captains on the planet. 

Continual Reporting

Regularly monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions


Carbon Elimination​

Implement genuine business changes and innovations, such as efficiency enhancements, renewable energy, material reductions, and other carbon-emission-elimination measures, to implement decarbonization initiatives in compliance with regulators.

Authentic Offsets​

In order to reach net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2030, any remaining emissions should be offset with additional, quantified, meaningful, lasting, and socially beneficial results.


Eliminating Empty Flights

Our efficient communication interface and streamlined discounts will reduce the issue of empty-leg flights. Filling up flights means less carbon emissions, and an ethical new approach to jet chartering.