Alpha Class

A Private Membership

A Select Group Of 50 Black Box Members

The Alpha Class is an invite-only membership and will be available to 50 people. Each of these members must submit a brief application and complete an interview. 

We are looking for people who will use the platform and are in a position to be a resource for Black Box Collective™. We are creating an elite group of like-minded individuals. Owning this pass grants exclusive access to the Black Box Collective Fleet. Alpha Class members are able to use the Black Box Fleet with hourly rates similar to that of a fractional owner. 

In addition to accessing the Black Box Fleet, this pass will hold the highest status within Black Box Collective™ and be part of the council that will submit proposals for the future of Black Box.


  • Complete the application below. 
  • Plan to take a trip with black box Collective
  • willing to give feedback on our Performance
  • Join our Alpha Class discord channel and join the conversation. We want to meet you!



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* Please note Alpha Class is an invite-only membership. If you would like to join our Alpha Class membership follow the link above to apply. 

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