The Beautiful Efficiency of an NFT Membership Structure

Traditionally, becoming a member somewhere means paying a fee to gain access to certain benefits and rewards. However, there are many downsides to this structure, as fundamentally, it creates a major divide between the business and its consumers: each is attempting to gain the most value out of the other.

If a membership mostly consists of deals, then if a consumer doesn’t take advantage often enough, it becomes a sunk cost for them. If certain members overly exploit certain deals, it might come at the cost of the business, who’ll later readjust their prices affecting the rest of the consumers.

The problem at the root of this is that, when people become part of these memberships, they are there to reap the benefits of the community, rather than benefit the community: why would they? In fact, they are even incentivized against doing this.

This is why NFT membership structures are so revolutionary: they incentivize members to benefit the community as a whole because they make being a member an investment. The NFT holds value and may be resold, so it is in everyone’s interest to increase the value, which translates into a commitment to the brand and the community. No longer is becoming a member a story of business versus consumer. Here, they build off each other.

As every Black Box Member invested in the community (with all membership passes available for purchase using both crypto and fiat currencies), businesses and holders are all set on its success. Since all members already share business interests in the community itself, having this in common promotes such sharing of interests to grow beyond Black Box itself and become a
premier networking opportunity.

Sharing a flight with someone on Black Box already presents a potentially life-changing networking opportunity. But, with the NFT membership, you are not only on the same flight but invested in the same thing. If you and someone else have both recognized one opportunity as worthy of investment, it is likely you have a lot more in common than that.

Through Black Box’s NFT membership, the person you share your flight with, that potential future business partner, has already invested in the same thing as you, and in short, that’s the reason that you’ve met. More importantly, Black Box understands this and incentivizes community building through hosting events and opening private properties to its members. A strong community means more value: through networking, flight-sharing communication, and the investment of one’s membership itself.