limitless Experience

Gain unparalleled access to shared private flying experiences
that save you time, hassle, and money, so you can enjoy the
journey as much as the destination.

The World’s First Web3 Private Jet Booking Platform

At Black Box Collective, we’re reinventing private jet travel with the most advanced technology, using Web 3.0 and blockchain for ease and security, as decentralization makes flying privately accessible to more people. Our revolutionary flight-sharing platform consolidates passengers and legs to create efficiencies that save our members both time and money while reducing carbon emissions and waste.

Find the Membership That’s Right for You

With three tiers of membership, Alpha, Access, and Boarding Pass, members can gain access to the membership level best suited to their needs. Be part of an exclusive community of luxury air travelers who appreciate a smarter, environmentally conscious way to fly private.


Fast and easy booking

Our state-of-the-art app-based booking platform is designed with the utmost ease and efficiency in mind.

By harnessing the power of blockchain and AI, we’re able to reduce the time and effort required to book a flight by as much as 80%. Now, no matter where you are, you can get fast and reliable solutions to your travel needs.

Build your network

With Black Box Collective each flight is an opportunity to meet and share quality time with fellow professionals from the financial, legal, sports, and entertainment, and medical and sales fields.

Our platform incentivizes collaboration between our members to maximize efficiency. You never know who you might encounter and how they could change your life as part of our exclusive, private flying community that’s both open-minded and discerning.

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Reduce carbon emissions

At Black Box Collective we are leading the way to eliminate carbon emissions through our revolutionary flight-sharing platform.

Our relentless commitment to consolidating private charters and eliminating empty legs reduces waste and results in a smaller carbon footprint for each of our member passengers.

Headache-free quote

By combining existing flight tracking software with a
web3 stack, we’ve reimagined the booking process for private flights by incorporating improved, real-time information and data visualization.

The result is easy access to more accurate quotes,
allowing members to make informed decisions that will save them precious time and money.


Best in-Class Partnerships

Members can enjoy access to the finest private aircraft, exclusive properties, and travel experiences through our luxury travel partnerships.

This ever-expanding network of opportunities is carefully curated to provide unparalleled experiences.

Designed with the Earth in Mind

As a member of the Black Box Collective, you can have faith knowing you are part of a community committed to being the best possible stewards of Planet Earth.

Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions by improving efficiencies and reducing waste is a race with no finish line, as we relentlessly pursue new ways to reduce the environmental impact of private flying.