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What is black box collective?

Travel platform

• Private jet access
• Concierge Travel Agent on-call
• Black box properties access
• pay with crypto
• Web3 / ENS profiles

defi platform

• platform native token $JTFL
• Daily yield of $JTFL tokens
• Exchange and marketplace
• Multi-sig escrow for secure p2P transactions

dao system

• allocation of treasury funds
• strategic partnerships
• Vacation Property purchases
• Sub-DAO groups for co-op Travel


Our pass holders will gain access to our community and elite travel benefits. Black Box Collective has partnered with several private jet charter companies and travel agencies to provide our community members exclusive access to private flights and high-end travel options through our Web3 booking platform.

Genesis Members will also have access to a 24/7 concierge travel agency staffed with experienced travel agents. Our concierge service coordinates travel arrangements for our members based on their unique preferences.

Click below to learn how we intend to become the ultimate travel resource for the NFT & cryptocurrency community.

Our Vision

 Black Box Collective strives to make elite-level travel easily accessible to our community. We wish to build a community of cryptocurrency & travel enthusiasts who benefit from the exclusive benefits that come with the title of being a Black Box Collective member.

Our First Drop

Access Pass

pre-sale Date

live now

Our Pre-Sale consists of 100 Access Passes. As a thank you to our earliest adopters, minting in the Pre-Sale guarantees a random spot in the top 500 positions on our seniority list. 

Our initial drop will consist of 3500 Access Passes. These passes will grant holders Full Membership Access to Black Box Collective. Our benefits are centered around Private & Concierge Travel. Upon all 3500 passes being minted, 5 lucky pass holders will be awarded $25,000-$5,000 hours worth of flight credit (Learn More). Maintaining ownership of our Access Pass automatically awards the holder rights to additional airdrops in our later phases.

Access Passes Ownership Grants
Access Passes Ownership Grants:
  • Genesis Status within Black Box Collective
  • Access to the Genesis Lounge where our travel concierge service is found 24/7 to assist our members.
  • Guaranteed spot in our Phase 2 mint coming in Q1 of 2022
  • Ability to Book Flights/Travel with Crypto through our Web3 booking platform
  • Inclusive membership with our Private Jet Charter Partner, Fly Exclusive. (View Black Box Collectives’ Membership Certificate)

Methods to Reduce Costs for Private Flights

Every initiative moving forward will have a component that is meant to reduce or remove Private Flight costs for our Genesis Members.

DAO Controlled Treasury

A large percentage of the Initial Launch revenue will be added to the DAO-controlled Treasury fund. Opportunities will be presented to the DAO in the form of proposals. Genesis members will vote.

Provide Liquidity to charter companies

Black Box Collective has formed strategic partnerships by pre-purchasing flights with charter companies, therefore, becoming fractional owners of their whole fleet. Black Box Collective intends to continue pursuing more partnerships as we progress into our later phases. 

Platform native token

We plan to airdrop a portion of the launch revenue to Genesis Members in the form of an ERC-20 token called $JetFuel. Upon launch of our booking platform, we will begin a yield of 10 $JetFuel per day to members. The token will be burned as it is used to pay for services.

Sharing flights / selling open seats

Our Platform will be optimized to connect fellow members to share flights and split costs. With the jets we have fractional ownership in, we will be able to sell open seats to recoup costs for our members.

Property Purchases

We plan to begin the process of acquiring properties in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. The property will be free to book for Black Box members but will generate rental income for the treasury.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 nft drops

These two drops will be more of the traditional NFT drop with Phase 2 being a collection of Aviation themed art that ties into our 3rd drop and Metaverse Game. We plan to deploy play-to-earn game mechanics and should result in high secondary sales. We plan to use an 8% transaction fee that will be sent back to the treasury.

Seniority List

The Access Passes are minted first-come-first-served in sequential order, from 1-3500. This will determine a seniority “rank”. The Seniority list will be used in:

  • Determining the queue for our giveaways & property reservations
  • Gives members an idea of when it’s their turn for an awarded trip for planning purposes
  • Allows for everyone to know who is next in line and will create opportunities for our members to coordinate and trade amongst each other in the Black Box Collective Marketplace

why should you choose black box collective?

Black Box Collective has revolutionized traveling, we have made it our priority to develop a top-tier concierge travel service. Through our partnership with FlyExclusive, we have dramatically reduced the cost of flying private for our members by covering the initiation & monthly fees for all of our community. 

our partnerships

“The ultimate private jet experience. Designed for our Members, no other program provides the combination of experience, savings, and simplicity in one place.  Wherever you dream of flying, our floating fleet of 75+ aircraft are ready to take you there.”

“Transforming the vast West Texas landscape into a redefined outdoor experience that will provide lasting memories for guests of all experience levels. Whether you’re a first-time hunter, expert marksman, or seasoned outdoorsman, Moss Creek Ranch offers you the opportunity to create the experience of a lifetime!”

plans for future partnerships

To ensure Black Box Collective builds the ideal network of resources for our members, we have minted 100 Access Passes to our Ethereum wallet to be used for forming new partnerships, promotional collaborations,  giveaways, & more!

Our Giveaways

1 of 2
1/ 2

One Round Trip vacation to SLS Baha Mar

Play Video

Fine Print

*Commencement of the giveaway is contingent on all 3500 Access Passes selling at the time of the drop

*Invited members must complete verification to be considered a valid entry

*The purchase of an Access Pass is not needed to join the discord or to qualify for this giveaway. 

What the trip includes

  • Private Flight for 6 from Fort. Lauderdale or Miami to the Bahamas
  • 2 suites for 7 Days & 6 Nights at SLS Bahama Mar Nassau, Bahamas
  • Get picked up and brought to and from the airport in a limousine.
  • $5000 Meal Credit

how to win

  • This giveaway will be awarded to the person who invites the most members to our discord

how to enter

  • Join our discord
  • Complete a short verification
  • Invite Members
2 of 2

one Round Trip vacation to wynn Las Vegas

Fine Print

*Commencement of the giveaway is contingent on all 3500 Access Passes selling at the time of the drop

What the trip includes

  • Private Flight for 6 to Las Vegas
  • 7 Days & 6 Nights in a suite at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas
  • Get Picked Up and Brought to and from the airport in a limousine
  • $5000 Meal Credit

how to win

  • This giveaway will be randomly awarded to one of our pass holders after all 3500 passes are minted

how to enter

  • Mint your Black Box Collective Access Pass upon our initial drop

Special Perks for our 5 random genesis members

5 people will win free credits to use with our jet charter partner companies.

 *Flight credits equate to a set amount in $USD.

Credit amounts to be awarded for 5 random winners

1st $25000

2nd $20000

3rd $15000

4th $10000

5th $5000

*Credits are based on the average rate of flights hours at the time of purchase

funding black box collective

Distribution of Phase 1

Once the initial round of Access Passes is sold, we plan to allocate the revenue to ensure the success and longevity of our project. The Funds will be distributed as follows:

  • Treasury 40%
  • Development 25%
  • Marketing 5%
  • Partnerships 10%
  • Team 15%
  • Charity 5%
  • Treasury 40%
  • Development 15%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Partnerships 5%
  • Team 15%
  • Charity 5%

*The amount allocated for charity distribution will be donated to a charity of our communities’ choosing. Multiple polls and surveys will be run on our discord to find where our members want their money to be donated.

*Percentage allocation is subject to change based on the judgment of our staff as it is fit in the better interest of our members.

Black Box Collective roadmap

Late Dec 2021

Access Pass Mint

The beginning of the private Black Box Collective community journey. Mint your very own Access Pass and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership.

*Whitelists and Presale information (Coming Soon)

mid-spring 2022

Funding of Black Box Collective

After the first minting all the Access Passes, we plan to take 40% of the proceeds to fund the Black Box Treasury. The treasury will be used to pre-pay for flight credits from our charter jet partners. After this initial funding of the Treasury, a 7% royalty fee will be taken from all secondary sales to replenish the Treasury.

early summer 2022

Booking system goes live

Web3 integration goes LIVE. Our brand new booking platform is launched with integrations with our Private Charter Jet Network

late summer - early fall 2022

Second Mint

All of our Access Pass holders will be airdropped a second NFT which we will be incorporated into the metaverse in Phase 3

We are excited to present a sneak peek of our Phase 2 artwork to our community below!

winter 2022

Black Box Collective takes flight into the METAVERSE

All of our pass holders will have the ability to MINT 3D Aircraft that will be playable in our Metaverse game. Members will be able to board their aircraft with compatible avatars and fly through the Metaverse. 

late winter 2022 & on

The Sky Is the limit!

The Metaverse

Our Plan

Members who hold our Phase 2 NFT will yield our $JetFuel token. These members will be able to MINT our 3D Aircraft with the $JetFuel token. The aircraft will take on the attributes assigned to the Phase 2 NFT that the members hold. 

Other Goals & Activities:

  • Pilot your aircraft with a compatible avatar
  • Travel to and from our airports to meet and interact with other community members

meet the crew


Blake has a long history in aviation, from learning to fly & getting his pilot’s license as a teenager, to graduating from Auburn University with an aviation management degree, Blake’s life revolves around aviation. In addition to being a pilot, Blake also owns two successful aviation-based companies in North Florida.


Matt was an airline pilot for the last 15 years. Graduated from Auburn University with Aviation and Business degrees. During his time as an airline pilot, he educated himself in crypto. In 2013, he began investing in Bitcoin. His passion for this new tech-led to crypto consulting and education roles.


James has a distinct background in management, digital media, and advertising. James began his journey in tech & Crypto in 2019 and being the owner of a digital marketing agency, his responsibilities revolve around bringing our project to the project and coordinating internal workflows. 


Lucas has a distinct background in IT, communications, and cinematography. Having dipped his hands into the crypto community at an early age, Lucas saw exactly how to create an ethical way of traveling while building his artistic abilities. Though trading and holding crypto, he has traveled to over 40 countries developing his artistic & creative skills.


Nick is the Co-Owner of Pixel Guys, a blockchain technology company, and our blockchain developer. With a strong background in Software Engineering, Blockchain Engineering, and Data Science, Nick is who will be incorporating our project with the ETH Blockchain.


Chris has a background in finance for 5 years, been in marketing, and community management for 2. He has been mining cryptocurrencies for over a decade, and early ETH investor. Having been a discord moderator since 2015,  along with involvement in several other projects but Chris is excited to solely focus on The Black Box Collective. 


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