Find the Membership That’s Right for You

Find the membership that’s right for you and choose between Alpha, Access, and Boarding Pass tiers of membership.

All memberships provide an easy, safe, elegant, and reliable experience, from booking through the app to arrival and departure, the in-flight experience, touchdown, and arrival.


Rewards You Deserve

All our efforts are geared toward making our members’ experience an exemplary one thanks to the difference they experience with Blackbox Collective.

Boarding Pass Membership

Our entry-level membership, Boarding Pass


Enjoy the Benefits Offered by Black Box Membership

Access Pass

Upon minting an Access Pass, holders gain a lifetime membership to Black Box Collective and direct access to our partnership with flyExclusive and their fleet of over 100 aircraft.


Alpha Class Membership

Experience private travel in a whole new way. Members of our most elite membership tier, Alpha Class receive the following benefits;