Purposeful Partnerships​

Partnerships increase our impact and assist with sustainability initiatives outside of Black Box Collective. We work together with reliable, knowledgeable, and creative business partners who share our vision.

Our Partner Network​


The ultimate private jet experience

Designed for our members, no other program provides experience, savings, and simplicity in one place. Wherever you dream of flying, our floating fleet of over 95 aircraft is ready to take you there.


International First and Business Class Flights

IFlyBusiness’s mission is to “Redefine Travel and Reimagine the World.” IFlyBusiness has transformed the conventional definition of a travel agency, and now the members of Black Box Collective™ will have access to global Business Class and First Class travel.

Aircraft Parts Store

Private, Corporate and Commercial Aircraft Parts

“Aircraft Parts Store is a family-owned Airplane Parts business founded in 2011. Aircraft Parts Store provides the aviation industry with New, Overhauled, and Salvaged parts ranging from the smallest nut and bolt to aircraft engines, airframes, aircraft interiors, and avionics.”

VIP Concierge​

Access To The Most Coveted Events

From now on, your wildest dreams will always be confirmed. Through our trusted relationships and partnerships with the world’s biggest artists, athletes and entertainment organizations, we curate unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. 

Moss Creek Ranch

Exotic Hunting and Shooting Sports

“Transforming the vast West Texas landscape into a redefined outdoor experience will provide lasting memories for guests of all experience levels. Whether you’re a first-time hunter, expert marksman, or seasoned outdoorsman, Moss Creek Ranch offers you the opportunity to create the experience of a lifetime!”

Pinehurst Retreats

A new vacation experience

Staying at a Pinehurst Retreat property is more than renting a house. It is an opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation. Pinehurst Retreats aims to provide a superior lodging alternative to hotels and resorts in the area by offering private stays in unique properties with all the luxuries you would expect from a resort and more.

Thank you to our partners who make this possible